Themba Community Church (South Africa)

In 2017, SurviveAlive linked with Themba Community Church in South Africa and raised funds towards providing a Literacy Centre and Study hub for disadvantaged children. This project has been a great success and now, as we see the devastating impact coronavirus measures have had on families who were already struggling to survive, we have decided once again to support the work of Themba Church as they provide food aid and other practical support to the people of the Middelrus valley.

Families like the Majola sisters and their children have many mouths to feed. The small income they had coming in from one sister working on clearing dirt from the side of roads has stopped and they now rely on the weekly food donations from the church. Themba works tirelessly at sourcing and distributing this aid to help families across the valley in the battle against hunger and malnutrition and is extremely grateful for all support given.

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Themba Community Church